Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bloody update and some new stuff

Hello everyone! In today's post i'm going to show you how I painted some blood efects. And pics of some minis i got recently.

Let's start with the BLOOD :D

First step was to create some blood drops and similar nasty stuff, unfortunatly no pictures taken :/ I was (roughly) following the tutorial i read on 5th Dimension on how to make slime. Quite cool stuff :D

Next of course was painting. Starting with tamiya red ( i think, it was quite a while ago to be honest)

As you can clearly  see blood is painted mostly on the blades, claws and mouth but i also added some spots in wich i think it could splatter.

After that it was time to make it darker, to do that i mixed myslef some semi-clear dark red, evrything mixed by eye but i used  few drops of agama dark red, tamiya black, and a drop of tamiya red, this all mixed 1:3 (i think)  with future:

After few more layers :

Then i used  my "sweet red" mix i did some time ago and went over blood:

and here we have it:

I'm quite happy with the way it turned out

I realy should get back and finish that dio but i had quite a lot of uni work and due to changes at my job i have to stay overtime quite often. But hey thats life :)

Now for the "some new stuff" part of the post:

got quite a few bits and some minis REALY cheap (thank you online auctions), no shots of the bits and some normal tactical marines but here we go with interesting stuff:

Blood Angels Chaplain, he came without backpack and his Crozius Arcanum was cut off by previous owner, still it is a beautyfull mini, really like those metal ones (my first metal). The details are just amazing and i alredy have a plan for him ;)

Second one is metal as well:

Veteran Assault Space Marine. Looks like the one from Vanguard Veterans set but his sword was replaced with power axe. This one will serve a dual purpose for me, first - it's an awesome mini and seems like he's gonna be a joy to paint and second - he will be a "template" for my RG Zaku Space Marine Conversion.

I think that will be everything for now, May The Emperor Protect all of you!

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