Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The new begining

At the begining i would like to say hello to everybody who somehow got to this part of the internet. Well here you are, hopeless, alone in the world where there is only war.... and I hope you will stay for a while (or at least return from time to time :P )

I will soon do updates with my finished minis but for now i will write a lil bit about my current project.

"Mopping up the streets" diorama.

I started from making this little piece od city styled terrain;

Nothing crazy, I know, but hopefully it will get better.

Next i started working on the first of Space Marines

First thing was a little bit of modding - changing his bolter in to combi-melta

then i started painting that little sucker
nothing crazy here either, just an Ultramarines 6th Company

This is one of the first Marines I got and this is the "3 parts snap-fit" so i didnt do much to it, But now that i think of it should have changed the pose to make it more dynamic. Oh well.... Live and learn.

And the second one - a Sergeant:
from this:

to this:

and then this:

After that i did some more work the the base itself:

basicaly scribrd all of the bricks, then added sand and some fine rubles.
After that some painting - just a base coat

In the meantime i painted some ripper swarms and a genestealer (wich hadn't photographed apparently)
I decided to go with Hive Fleet Kraken and here is one of them unfinished

Later as my good friend Decay sugested i gloss coated the armor and flat coated the body, IMO it creates a nice alien feel on them.

This post is getting quite long alredy BUT there is still few things i want to add :D

The third and I think last marine (not sure yet about that,,, could use some input on the matter ;) )

started with some painting and higlighting:

Obviously a long way for him...

And the last but not least my Tyranid Prime - Used parts of the Warrior and some other bits i bought cheap in a "bits pack" - some of them i also got from Decay

some steps in the painting process

and after painintg and gloss/falt coating

now comes the fun part for him.... but that and much more in the next post ;]

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