Tuesday, January 31, 2012

"Death from above" WIP -1

Yeah... yeah. I know that this title was reused so many times it's not even funny to mention it but hey... i'm lazy, ok?

Now with that out of the way, let's see what i'm talking about.

This, all those unfortunate enough to end up here, is my latest project, or should i say practice piece.
Basicaly i'm a noob when it comes to miniature painting, so i want to try evr\ery new tehnique that i find.
Well, not realy but you get the idea.

Here are pics showing what i actualy did so far. I decided to try the zenithal lightning. quite pleased with the look so far, Still you have to remeber this is just a WIP, and HOPEFULLY it will look better when done.

Feels like i should add something on the base - or to be more precise some sort of enemy. But as there is no mooneyz to spare for that this will propbly be left like that, or maybe a tyranid.... Hmmm.... any toughts?

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  1. wierdo500031/1/12

    YEA! I love that you used the runner frames as steel poles/rubble. I find that tyranids are sometimes overused... maybe to compliment the green of the armor you want an ork? model him shooting the ork with his pew pew plasma pistol...